About AHC

The African History Coalition (AHC) is a coalition of citizens, scholars, students, institutions, governments, and supranational organizations for supporting the access of the African Historical Society and its teams of digitizers and scholars, to African manuscripts and their contents currently vaulted across Europe and the US. AHC facilitates the storage of ancient African information in African Historical Society (AHS) secured databases in partnership with national and international educational and cultural institutions, libraries, African governments and African -descended institutions including HBCUs. Furthermore, AHC will cooperate with existing digitization projects to make their contents centrally and broadly, easily available internationally to students and researchers and particularly, to African and the African- descended students, researchers, and nation-builders.

AHC is committed to the redress of the inherent human rights violation engendered by the knowledge dependency and destruction of African institutions that continues in Africa and for the African-descended through the alienation of ancient information from contemporary Africans and the African-descended and also from international knowledge systems and educational institutions of the international community at large. AHC supports the freedom of information for the field of academia.

Furthermore, so that the AHS implement its proprietary IT system for monitoring manuscripts taken out of Africa and archeological excavations on behalf of a body to be identified and/or formed within the African Union and/or UN to which AHS systems, designed and stored in cooperation with its technology partners, will report.